Custom Stained Glass Windows & Doors

Work with Terry on a Custom Stained Glass Window or Door

We create custom stained glass windows and doors in our Burlington, Vermont studio. If you are interested in commissioning a custom stained glass window or door and are wondering how it works this page will walk you through the process. I love working with customers to create a lasting piece of art that will be enjoyed in your home for years to come. A custom stained glass window or door can help transform your space and can provide privacy while still allowing light to enter.

The process

Part 1: Visioning

  1. Describe your vision for your custom window or door to me.  We will work in creating a sketch or finding a photograph that matches your vision.
  2. Send me a photograph of the space the stained glass window or door is going to be, so I can see the space
  3. You can decide the dimensions. Do you want to fill the entire window or just part of it? Some custom windows will hang in a window, that’s fine. Sometimes it’s helpful to put a piece of paper (in your dimensions) in the window to see how it will look with something there, if you’re not wanting to fill the entire space.
  4. I will send an estimate and you will pay an initial deposit.

Part II: Development

  1. I will provide sketches and glass samples. We can often do this online but are happy to meet or mail these to you. At this point I can make any changes to the design and it will be included in the price. Further design changes may increase the price.
  2. Once we agree on the design and colors, I will begin working on your custom window. It usually takes about 3 weeks to complete it from this point.
  3. Your final window or door will be shipped or delivered. Balance is payable at pickup or before the piece ships.

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I look forward to working with you to create the prefect custom stained glass window or door for your home!