Artist’s Statement

Artistic expression was always fostered and encouraged by my parents who are both artists. Art materials were always available to me, and creative pursuits and experimentation with various mediums has always been a part of my life.

My first serious artistic interest was jewelry making; after graduating from college, I began working in stained glass. As an artistic medium, glass fascinates me. Its dualities intrigue me; it is strong yet fragile, solid yet molecularly unstable and, unlike other mediums glass is effected by illumination, both the presence and absence of, creating a different experience for the viewer that is dependent upon light. An artistic medium that can be worked in both its liquid and solid form captivates and allures me

While working with stained glass I began to experiment with metals. The idea of combining glass and metal was exciting and intriguing and drew me back to my roots. I enjoy the juxtaposition of using these two mediums with the combination of negative space. Drawing on inspiration from the natural world lead me to create trees from copper wire and incorporate those into very geometric and simple stained glass pieces. I am able to create bold and unique pieces using the enormous array of colors and textures found in stained glass.

Using wine bottles and storm windows I have also created a line of reclaimed glass dishes. The glass is melted in a glass kiln to temperatures up to 1450 degrees to fuse the pieces together, sometimes the glass is fired a second time, in a mold, to give the dishes a consistent shape.

I hope that you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it.




Terry Zigmund graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas College in Sparkill, NY with a degree in Psychology and Art Therapy, in 1990. Her interest in art and exploring new mediums led her to take a continuing education class in stained glass in 1991. She immediately became fascinated with the medium and continued to read about and experiment with it.

The desire to live in a community more culturally and artistically rich, led her to move to Burlington, VT in 1998. She immediately opened a studio in the vibrant South End Arts District of Burlington and began making and teaching stained glass and mosaic.


Community Art Project: Stained Glass Dome in Old North End, Burlington VermontTerry has been commissioned to create windows for restaurants, bed and breakfasts and private residences in the Northeast and continues to create a diverse body of work that is exhibited in galleries throughout North America.

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In 2005, Terry was awarded an Artist Development Grant from the Vermont Arts Council, this grant supported attendance at an International Architectural Stained Glass Conference in Iceland. She also won a Festival Award in the Arts Alive Festival of the Arts 2004 for her piece entitled “Early Spring Emergence”.

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Terry’s interest in community arts and public art has led her to pursue facilitating several projects in Burlington and Winooski. In 2008, in collaboration with VSA Arts VT and Champlain Metals, Terry facilitated a public art project which created a stained glass mosaic and metal dome that is permanently installed in a park on Hyde, School and North Streets in Burlington.  Other community arts projects include a mosaic project in collaboration with Burlington City Arts Summer Camps and the ECHO Center at Lake Champlain, a sculptural installation created with the staff and clients of The Howard Center for Human Services as part of the South End Art Hop, a mosaic mural in collaboration with Winooski Parks and Recreation and the “September 11 Remembrance Window”, created by students at The Community College of Vermont.

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